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Nico Associates Limited focuses on providing solutions for management and personnel logistics operations and legalization of expatriates working in the country.

With a consolidated position in the market and more than fifteen years’ experience, we aim to provide solutions that will meet the needs of companies that have foreign professional employees working in Brazil. We cater from arrival at the ports or airports until the departure to their own country.

All is done to ensure more efficiency and operational excellence on logistics management for the companies involved, optimizing costs and deadlines and offering high quality services to the clients so they have a safe and pleasant stay.

Can we tell our History?

Nico Associates Ltd. was setup by its founder Cynthia Nico to meet the demands of companies requiring legalization, logistics and assistance for foreigners landing in Brazil on business. Perceiving that the companies were spending time and money to achieve their goals in this area, our company was established with focus on solutions that could cover the whole operation cycle of these expatriates while they were in the country.

Nico aggregated to its philosophy (culture, line of work?) characteristics present until today such as, respect, ethics, reliability and specially charisma and cordiality common to all relations with their clients, suppliers , employees and other partners.

At the moment it works to maintain the quality of the services offered and its recognized operational excellence.

Our Compass

Among the purposes that stimulate our team to offer a quality service, and to provide the best attendance and therefore contribute to the achievement of excellent results for our clients, we choose as priorities:


To ensure that all professionals under Nico Associate’s responsibility have all the conditions to work and get to their destinations in time with comfort and safety, contributing in this way so our customers can achieve their goals and desired outcomes.


To be recognized as an ideal partner to companies on the management and logistics operation of personnel, and, on the legalization of professionals who come to Brazil for working purposes.

Do you know what we believe in?

All our actions and relations are guided by the following values:

INTEGRITY: We work with ethics, respect and transparency in relation with all our clients, employees and partners.

EXCELLENCE: We seek above all, the optimization of time, client’s processes and resources, with no neglect to the quality of our services.

RELIABILITY: Our clients can rely on Nico 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

DEDICATION: Our team of employees and partners are oriented to understand and fulfill clients and professionals needs assisted by Nico, adapting and optimizing processes according to their needs.

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